Roshani KC(रोशनी के सी) is a prominent Actress and Film -Maker of the Nepali film industry. She is a life member of the Film Artistes Association of Nepal and a member of the Nepali Film Producers Association. She is a proprietor of RR DreamWorks Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and Roshani Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. She has produced Nepali Feature films Dr…Khatey and Jani Najani. She has also directed a documentary film “Teez”.

A documentary about women’s biggest festival of Nepal. She has played a few movies, tv serials, and music videos in her credits. She is also a General Secretary of the Nepal Cultural Association ( Well Wisher Organizations of Nepali Congress) Her movie Dr.Khatey is a real story of Street Children of Nepal. Movie Dr…Khatey aims to motivate the government and civilians to put forth their hands to inspire street- children to educate and to work.

This movie seeking help and support in empowering education, facilities, and civil rights for the street children.Dr. Khatey was featured at the Kathmandu International Film Festival (KIFF). Dr…Khatey has achieved few National Awards. And has screened at Kathmandu International Film Festival 2015 and the only movie which has selected in the 6th Nepal Africa Film Festival 2017. Now her upcoming movie is Jani Najani. Which tells the story of a modern love story.

For presenting dependability of shelther for street children, their education, and health, and for the emancipation of the rights for the street children, Dr. Khatey has been awarded with Special Movie in 10th ENI D’Cine Award – 2017 .She has honoured with Social-Art in Int’l Chayanchabi Honour Awards Thailand -2018

Jani Najani – Presenter/ Actor, As a Cast Hami Taxi Driver, Khai Ko Kasko, Ak 47, Dr. Khatey ,Jani Najani,Great Love,Cops. TeleFilm – Dimag Kharab, Hospital, Timi Purush, Kaslai Aafno Bhanu, Pahal, Sambhanda, Sangkocha etc. and Music Videos

As a Lyricist Dr. Khatey, As a Director, Teez (Documentary Film) A documentary about women biggest festival of Nepal.

Roshani KC